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For Producers

Simplifying the distribution process for regional producers.

Three Rivers Grown is a Pittsburgh based wholesale distributor. We carry quality foods produced within 300 miles of the city and sell exclusively to retail stores and institutions. Three Rivers Grown is committed to linking regional producers like you to Pittsburgh’s wholesale purchasers. We want to make the market more accessible to you by simplifying the distribution process. 

We sell exclusively to retail stores and institutions through our online store. If you would like your product(s) to be listed in the online store please review the following information. Then fill out and sign the application on the last page. Being listed in our online store does not guarantee sales. We expect our producers to market proactively though we are happy to support your marketing plan as is appropriate.


Product Visibility

Increasing availability of your product by listing in the online store.

Complete Account Management

Multi-account management, including all administrative tasks, payment collection, fielding product questions, etc.


Transportation from aggregation into Pittsburgh.

Local Delivery

Deliveries within the city of Pittsburgh.


One order and one payment regardless number of accounts purchasing your product.

Marketing Support

Basic support of your marketing plan.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Products must be grown or processed within 250 miles of Pittsburgh.

  • Vendor must offer transparency in relation to farming and production methods and quantity of ingredients (value added products) that meet regional sourcing standards.

  • Products must be delivered, by the vendor, to one of our aggregation centers.

  • Three Rivers Grown expects to purchase at Distributor price levels. Pricing must take into account the value of services provided.

  • For more information please contact us for a copy of our vendor contract.

Three Rivers Grown is dedicated to building a more transparent, equitable, regionally focused supply chain in the Pittsburgh region. Three Rivers Grown reserves the right to approve producers and specific products for inclusion in our online store on a case-by-case basis.

Buyer Terms
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